ROLL TO RELIEF with Yoga TuneUp® Therapy Balls

Upcoming Online Workshops - January 2021

Join me for this myofascial release workshop to relieve tension and adhesions in the tightest areas of the body. (Neck, shoulders, upper & low back, hips, calves and feet.) Using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to roll out the tension, help eradicate pain, improve posture, enhance performance, and establish healthy movement patterns to help you live better in your body.


This workshop will benefit those who:

● Suffer from pain, stiffness and tension

● Have an active lifestyle and want to increase performance and recovery time

● Anyone who spends the majority of their time seated at work

● The hardcore fitness community whose muscles could use some TLC


$35 plus gst , $50 plus gst for workshop and set of balls (retail $35).

To register, email terri@t-fit.ca

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What are your top goals for 2020 and what do you want to manifest in your life? More importantly, how do you want to FEEL in this coming year? 

Join me for a creative, hands-on workshop that will help you clarify your intentions for 2020! Get crafty while setting your intentions for the year ahead. In this workshop you will create a vision board—an amazing tool to help you visualize your intentions and realize your goals.

Workshop includes:
Supplies: poster board, glue, scissors, & magazines
Guided meditation to ground & settle into your vision
A quiet, comfortable BEAUTIFUL studio space full of natural light

Interested in a Vision Board Workshop? Let's connect! terri@t-fit.ca