Stretch & Breathe

regular life requires regular self-care and a yoga practice is an integral part of my self-care routine. i gotta stretch & breathe on a daily basis or as often as i can.  it helps release tension  that's built up from my daily physical movement, or lack there sitting at a computer. the practice clears my mind and helps me sleep. and yes,  my yoga practice changed my life. it's the truth. my body feels better, my mind is more at ease, and when life throws me a major curveball, i have the tools to handle it a little better. other perks may include an increase in concentration and focus, beautiful posture, balance, flexibility and so much more.

Stretchy Start

Stretching first thing in the morning helps to relieve any tension or discomfort from sleeping the night before. A stretchy start can help to wake up your muscles, work out the kinks and prepare your body for the day ahead. Stretching also has a calming effect on your body which can help you move into the rest of your day with focus and clarity. 

Online Classes Tuesdays & Thursdays 7AM

Hatha Yoga

Stretch and breathe to release tension, stress and dis-ease that builds up in the body.  This mixed levels hatha yoga class offers a welcoming space to create balance for body & mind. Come experience the powerful benefits of this practice. Suitable for beginners or those with a regular yoga practice. 

In Studio @ Elements Movement|Tuesdays 10:30AM, Thursdays 7PM