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Feel Good Online

Moving your body is an ESSENTIAL part of living a feel-good lifestyle.

Our bodies are designed to move and they feel a whole lot better when they do.

The Feel Good Online classes offer a variety of fitness & yoga classes all in the comfort of your own home.  

When the COVID-19 lockdown began, I remember feeling such a sense of loss and disconnect - everything in our world shifted. I missed my routine, going to the gym, going to work, and seeing friends. Then a friend told me about Terri's Zoom classes, so I tried them and quickly grew to love them. What makes Terri's classes special is her expertise to guide you, always offering various ways to modify and make her classes "your own"; her intuitive knowledge keeps you from injury and her positive energy keeps the flow going! Terri's classes are dynamic because she has a large repertoire of styles to draw from. I think my favourites are her Barre class and the morning stretch classes...or...maybe strength and conditioning classes...evening yoga?! They're all good! Whatever the day, during a dark time, Terri's classes have given me the opportunity to start each day feeling energized, positive and hopeful. - Jen R.

Access to 2 LIVE classes a week and 100+  fitness and yoga classes ON DEMAND.  Wherever you are in the world, you can access classes at a time that works for you!


January 2 - February 6

February 20 - March 8


 TUESDAY 7AM | B-LIT (Bodyweight Low Impact Training)

This low impact, full body conditioning class is designed to challenge balance and coordination while simultaneously improving strength and range of motion. No equipment needed. 


Similar to the B-LIT class but we add some weight to lift!

This full body conditioning class is designed to sculpt and challenge the entire body. 

All levels welcome.

Modifications are given for both beginners and advanced.

Terri’s classes are FUN, CREATIVE, MOTIVATING, and  full of VARIETY! 


A little bit about me...

I've been involved in some aspect of healthy living for most of my life. From a young age I was always on the move and a fitness career seemed like a natural path to follow. I started out as more of a mover & a shaker, channeling my copious amounts of energy into more intense activities like Bootcamp, Kick-Boxing & other high-energy fitness classes. After 30 years of focusing mainly on fitness I came to yoga seeking balance to the rigors of physical activity and daily life.


‘If my health journey is smorgasbord, my yoga practice is the dessert. It is a healing practice that allows me to stretch over-used muscles, strengthen under-used areas of my body, quiet my busy, busy mind and experience a greater awareness of my Self, physically, mentally, and soulfully.’

I draw on my experience as a fitness leader, yoga teacher and health coach to create classes that offer a balance of movement & mobility, strength & stretch, breath & awareness. I offer a welcoming space that meets you where you’re at. Modifications are offered and the practice is shared in a way that is accessible to all.

Terri is an amazing instructor! She is very motivating and has a deep passion for her work in health and fitness. Terri has a gentler approach to fitness which I think is so important as we get older. She is always reminding us to be mindful of our bodies, listen to the sensations, adjust if we need to and to do what is right for us. She really emphasizes how important it is to stretch and really has made a big difference in my flexibility. Her classes are full of variety and I think in the 10 months that we have been doing this at home not one class has ever been the same. Variety, the spice of life that gets you out of bed in the morning and looking forward to what is coming up at the next class. – Denise N​

Working with Terri has been life changing for me. I, like many women my age spent years working out, then stopped, then started a few more times, then stopped completely and focused on walking, thinking it was enough since I was now 60. My weight was up a bit, clothes didn’t fit as well as they had, I had sore shoulders and often a sore lower back, although I considered myself in OK shape. Terri was gently encouraging as I began to get my body moving again, always with my shoulder issues in mind. My shoulders no longer are a problem, and increased core strength has taken care of any lower back pain. My energy level is so much higher, and I feel so much stronger. - Joan B 

I have been attending Terri's classes on and off for a quite a few years now, something that has always been present in her classes, and she talks about a lot, are functional movements. Working out in a way that will support your life outside the gym. I always knew this was important, but it never really hit home for me until after I had my twins. My body felt like I was starting back at 0, hurting in places I had never hurt before. I ended up hurting my back in another gym, after a while healing, I started up with Terri's classes again. Really quickly I could feel my body getting stronger in the exact ways I needed it to. I am almost a year into Terri's classes, and I so thankful for how I feel compared to when I began. Not only does my body no longer ache, but I don't worry about hurting it while playing or picking up my kids. - Andrea N


I will always meet you where you’re at.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ plan when it comes to a movement practice; everyone is different. I have 25+ years of experience and I will always offer modifications/alternatives to EVERY movement we perform.



You know you best. It's important that you listen to your body, work at your own pace, and move your body in a way that suits YOU best. I will always offer modifications and alternatives to either turn the flame up or down. You need to know when to adjust the flame depending on how you are feeling; how you slept, what you ate, injuries, physical sensations, etc. In order to design a class accessible to all, please let me know of any injuries, illnesses, medical conditions, or physical limitations.


2 LIVE movement classes a week from Terri

All classes will be 30-35 minutes and will be live on Zoom.

All recordings are available ON DEMAND in Vimeo library. 

Sign up and start reaping the benefits  in just 30 minutes a day!


5 Class Pass

$50 plus gst 

6 Week Series

$105 plus gst

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